Better Broadband

Update February 2014

BT will extend fibre broadband coverage to around 90% of Suffolk by the Autumn of next year, and also ensure that we have an underpinning commitment of at least 2Mbps to all premises across the county.

Rendlesham is currently within the 90% set for fibre coverage.  Our current date for deployment is the summer of next year.  This will involve building a new optical fibre exchange connection at Eyke, and running fibre to the green street cabinets in the Rendlesham area.  For those who are closest to the new cabinets (which in most cases will be close to the existing ones), can expect 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload speeds.  Those who are too far from the new cabinets to receive an uplift (around >1.8km) will be offered an alternative solution to ensure that they meet our minimum service commitment.

This remains subject to planning and survey work which will commence in late spring / early summer next year.  We are making excellent progress with our early rollout phases, so will bring the rollout forward if at all possible.

Suffolk County Council, February 2014

Better Broadband For Suffolk

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Better Broadband for Suffolk Campaign by registering their demand throughout 2012. Suffolk County Council received over 14,000 responses and have been overwhelmed with the support shown. They have now signed a contract with BT under the government's Broadband Delivery UK scheme for the organisaitons to work together to revolutionise through provision of a fibre network by BT.

Currently Rendlesham is one of the last parishes in the programme with better broadband due in 2015. The links below are to the SCC website and the Better Broadband website.